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01-05-2020: The day of the Crash.

Today is the 77th anniversary of the crash of Lancaster ED706, all 7 crew members were killed during the crash which took place on May 1st 1943.

David van Coolwijk and his family, together with Vincenzo Millitello held a small memorial service for the crew at the demolished base of the former wind mill.

24-03-2020 Getting more information!

Today I telephoned the project leader of Vattenfall about the windmills and the monument.

At this point the monument is completely gone, only the foundation remains and that will also be gone in the following days.

Nou the good news!

There will be a new monument!! Not next year, but in 2022.

For this year Vattenfall will place a cross in the near vicintity of the old monument and thus making sure we can have e memorial service.

when in 2022 the windmills are finished there will be a similar monument, I suggested that the names of the crew are printed beneath the monument,

What the memorial service will look like is difficult to say at this moment. We simply do not know what the situation will be like at that point.

There will be a memorial service, but on small scale.

Photo credit.Project leader Vattenfall

14-03-2020 The removal of the wind mills.

The removal of the windmills by: Drone maar Lekker verder!

Tomorrow I will call with the projectleader of Vattenfall to discuss the possibilities.

24-02-2020 The wind mill will be removed!!??

Today we were told by Erfgoedhuis Almere (Heritage centre Almere) the Vattenfall will contact us soon.

There is a substantial possibilty that the monument will no longer excist on May 1st, this means we have to think of a suitable intermediate solution.